May May 2, 2022

Enjoying the Outdoors


Welcome to May, as we enter the height of spring, now is a good time to look around and see what types of activities you can experience this summer.  Spring is a very busy season in Real Estate, but with setting up a “bucket list” of things I would like to do this Spring and Summer, I can be sure to find that balance of work/life. Whether it is a few hours at a farmer’s market or a week getaway, it’s good to keep yourself active.


Just a Few Hours

Sometimes you just need a couple of hours to help reset our minds.  Some options I like to keep in mind are short canyon hikes/walks, famer’s markets, a long walk in my neighborhood or taking the dog to a park for a couple of hours.  In the San Fernando Valley, we are fortunate to be within a 15-minute drive of many small trails and Balboa Park is close for many.  There are multiple farmer’s markets throughout the week and a good way to support our local farmers. 


A Full Day Out

Sometimes you need to just disconnect for a day, and we have some great ways to do that without having to travel.  If you want to combine the outdoors and indoors, there is always the Getty Museum.  You can visit one of the local botanical gardens such as Huntington Library, Descanso Garden or even as close as the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys.  If you are thinking of driving a bit further, some of the local favorite include Malibu State Park or any of the beaches from Malibu to Santa Barbara.  A day trip to Ventura can combine some shopping in the local downtown and spending a few hours on the beach.  Another great hidden gem is Rose Valley Falls up near Ojai.  It is a 1.1 mile walk and then you can spend the rest of the day in Ojai shopping and having lunch.


Weekend Away

There are so many wonderful places that are within a few hours drive from LA.  Whether you are interested in the beach, the desert, or the mountains we certainly have plenty of choices.  With online booking sites like VRBO and Airbnb we are no longer limited to hotel rooms.  Best bet is to plan early and think outside the usual places.  So many areas book up early, especially the beach and National Parks.  Looking at finding a place just outside of where you would like to be, can help when planning last minute trips.

Vacation Time

As pandemic restrictions lesson more and more people are taking longer trips.  With taking a week off you have so many options from Hawaii to Mexico, the Caribbean or just about anywhere you want to see.  Whether you decide to road trip it for a week or hop on a plane to get away, just be sure to have some plans in place.  Many people are traveling again and it may get a bit crowded.  My suggestion is to give yourself plenty of time and flexibility when planning a longer vacation. 


In the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite trips – local and not so local.  Be sure to share some of your favorites as well!