September September 8, 2022

Money Saving Tips

Programs & Rebates for Homeowners


Water: |

  • Free aerators and shower head
  • Rebates for: high efficiency toilets, rotating sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels, weather based irrigation controller, soil moisture sensor, high-efficiency clothes washers
  • Turf Transformation



  • Rebates for: thermostats, light bulbs, power strips, refrigerators, air conditioners and washers
  • Pool Pump Replacement: visit for details
  • Rebates for installing EV charging station

SoCal Gas


  • Rebates for: gas ovens, gas clothes dryers and natural gas tankless water heaters

Free Trees & Mulch

City Plants:

  • Yard Trees – they will deliver the tree to your door and you plant it. You can receive up to 7 free shade trees!
  • Street Trees: they will plant them for you! You can sign up to have a tree planted in the parkway in front of your home, school or business.


FREE Bulk & Move In/Move Out

LA Sanitation: | 1.800.773.2489

Bulk items are picked up on your regular trash day. Examples include: mattresses, couches, doors, carpet, toilets, electrical waste and other furniture items. Move In/Move Out – they will pick up extra rubbish in bags or boxes. Empty boxes need to be flattened.